New Wildlife Arrivals

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One morning I looked out the front window (my typical morning routine) and saw a couple of Canada Geese; however, further out on the lawn I noticed a Red Fox. I quickly grabbed my camera and sneaked out on the porch.

As the Fox got closer to the Geese one of the Geese flapped its wings and hissed at the Fox. This was how the Goose let the Fox know this was their territory and the Fox should go away.

The Fox went to the side of the yard and then stopped.

A couple of minutes later the Fox began to approach the area in the front where the Geese were. Immediately one of the Geese chased the Fox and the Fox ran away.

Five days later while looking out the front window to see if there was any wildlife activity, I was excited to see a Goose couple walking on the lawn with seven new little ones.

I grabbed my camera and sneaked outside. I watched the Goose family for about five minutes and then they wandered over to the pond and went for a swim.

Two days later the Goose family and their seven little ones revisited the Backyard Wilderness property…

…as well as they began to show up more regularly.

Yesterday while I was looking out the window I saw the Goose family near the house and I noticed a Ground Hog moving toward the house. I grabbed my camera and photographed the Ground Hog as it quickly came closer.

All of a sudden one of the Geese (look to right side) hissed at the Ground Hog to let the Ground Hog know the animal was in its territory.

The Ground Hog quickly ran off…

…and once again the Geese and their new arrivals went about their regular morning routine.

Arlene and Howard Beroff - May 26, 2016 - 3:59 pm


We absolutely LOVED that goose family. The downy chicks are so cute.

Arlene and Howard

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