Backyard Wilderness Wildlife Update

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There are two Geese families that frequent the Backyard Wilderness property. Each family has seven Goslings. I have been documenting their activity on the property since May when they were tiny.  You can see in the following photos how much they have grown.

We welcome a new addition to the Backyard Wilderness property; a Ground Hog with its young one.

Every morning I put out food scraps (from vegetables I cook for my family) out in the yard for the wildlife.  One morning I looked out the window and to my surprise I noticed a Red Fox eating some Butternut Squash scraps I had just put out on the lawn. I did not expect to see a Fox chowing down on vegetables. The Fox stayed about ten minutes eating the veggies and resting a couple of minutes. Some years I see more Red Fox activity than others. This year it has been infrequent so photographing the Fox was a treat; especially since I have never seen or photographed a Fox eating veggies.

Over the years I have seen Rabbits on the property but never any young ones. As I looked out my window one day this month I noticed a baby Rabbit, which is called a Kit. I quickly got my camera and photographed it. The Kit stayed close to the tall grasses as you can see below.

After five years of documenting wildlife activity on the Backyard Wilderness property it still amazes me how much there is to see when you take the time to notice.

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