Swamp Days

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I enjoy photographing wildlife by the swamp and the pond on the Backyard Wilderness property during the spring, summer and fall. One early morning this month, while I was in the swamp blind I began photographing a Tree Swallow on the tip of a dead tree.


After making those images I looked down at the swamp and noticed a Wood Duck standing on a fallen dead tree. Nature is such a mystery; I never know what type and when any wildlife will appear.

About two minutes later to my surprise a baby Duckling swam out from behind the marsh grass.

Suddenly a second Duckling appeared…

…and then five seconds later there was another.

It was exciting to see the Wood Duck Family.

A week later I had a little free time so I went into the swamp blind during the middle of the day. My blind sits on a thin piece of land between the swamp and the pond. All four sides of the blind zip open which enables me to photograph wildlife activity in the swamp or the pond. After setting up my photo equipment I looked out the opening facing the pond and I noticed a Painted Turtle had climbed onto a fallen tree limb to sun itself.

Next I looked out the swamp opening and right at that moment a Great Blue Heron landed on the tip of a dead tree. I quickly snapped one photo and then the Great Blue Heron took off.

There has not been much Heron activity so far this spring so I was thrilled to be in the blind when the Great Blue landed. Unfortunately I had to leave for the day because I had an appointment so I packed up my equipment and left.

Yesterday while watering my garden I noticed a Great Blue Heron in the pond. I ran in the house and got my camera. Unfortunately as I came back outside the Great Blue flew off. I looked around to see if the bird may have landed in a different area in the pond and that is when I noticed a smaller bird on tree limb. I thought it might be a Green Heron but I could not tell because it was a distance away, so I looked through my camera with the telephoto lens and saw that it was a Green Heron. I quickly took a couple photos before the bird flew away. So far this spring I have not seen any Green Herons; yet they typically frequent the swamp and pond area during the spring, summer and fall.

I was so excited because Herons are some of my favorite marsh birds to photograph. I love watching their kind of graceful, yet sneaky movements while they are catching a meal.

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