Backyard Wilderness Year End

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 It has been awhile since I found time to do wildlife photography (which I love).  As 2016 ends I decided to take time for myself and do some photography. Even though it is winter and I am not fond of cold weather I was lucky because there were several mild days at the end of the month of December; which made it more inviting for me to be outside.

On Christmas day while looking out the window there were some Canada Geese near the swamp blind in the afternoon. I quickly gathered my photography equipment and walked to the blind. The blind is set up on a small strip of land between the swamp and the pond. During the winter the water in both the swamp and the pond is typically frozen, however, because of the recent warm days the water is only partially frozen.

As I approached the blind I walked slowly to try not to scare the Geese away. Unfortunately as you can see in the photo below my plan did not succeed.

I decided to sit in the blind to see if there was possibly any other wildlife activity. Unfortunately there was not much except for one Song Sparrow. I first noticed the Sparrow on a reed.

I watched the Sparrow for awhile as it moved from place to place.

It appeared as though the Sparrow was in search of food as it moved around. Once the bird flew away I decided to end my photo session for that afternoon.

Three days later I chose to go back out to the swamp blind; but this time I thought it best to photograph in the morning when wildlife on the Backyard Wilderness property is more active. It was about eight thirty in the morning as I began walking out to the blind. At that moment I heard the Geese as they flew overhead and then I saw them land on the frozen pond. I slowly approached the blind and got in as the Geese began to walk off the ice.

I even noticed a Downy Woodpecker pecking at a tree limb.

This visit I had decided to bring a little bird seed with me which I dispersed on the frozen swamp. Next I waited a little bit and was happy to see a few song birds land on the ice.

It felt great to make wildlife photographs again; always a peaceful experience for me. I was happy I made time for myself to do something that gives me so much joy.

We all have very busy schedules but an important New Year resolution is to make time for yourself to do something that you enjoy doing. We all need to recharge and take time for things that really matter in our lives. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy, prosperous and meaningful 2017!

John Hewes - January 1, 2017 - 7:52 am

Great job as always Jody! Keep up the excellent work and I am happy you like to share your pictures. Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2017. John Hewes, Lyons, NY

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