February Wild Weather

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February is supposed to be one of the snowiest months in New Jersey; however it might end up being one of the mildest Februarys on record in the Garden State, according to New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson, who teaches at Rutgers University. http://www.nj.com/weather/index.ssf/2017/02/7_strange_facts_about_february_2017_weather.html

The month of February has seen a mix of weather conditions.  Typically it is one of the coldest months of the year and the swamp and pond usually remain frozen.

Yet, this year February has seen numerous days that  were  extremely warm. For example a couple days the temperature was in the 50’s causing the frozen swamp and pond to thaw out.

One day later we had a sever snowstorm bringing eight inches of snow and bitter temperatures.

Also, there were even several days where it reached the 60’s; which brought out lots of wildlife on the Backyard Wilderness property.

While looking out the window I noticed a Chipmunk run across the porch. It was the first Chipmunk that I’ve seen this year.

Next the oddest site; at first I was not even sure what I saw, and then I realized it was a Ground Hog with lots of leaves in its mouth. I took photos as it approached the house and went under the porch.  Guess there may be baby Ground Hogs this spring.

Every year a couple of Canada Geese mates hang around the front of the property. (In the spring they have their Goslings. Typically they have five to seven Goslings and the Goose family spends several months near the front of the house.)

The real treat came on the last day of February. It was sunny and the temperature was about 60 degrees. While looking out the window a Great Blue Heron landed in the swamp. I quickly grabbed my camera and photographed the Heron out the window.

As I have mentioned so many times in prior blogs one of my favorite birds to photography are Herons. I love watching their graceful movements. While making a few photos I noticed there were a couple of large Turtles sunning themselves on the edge of the bank. They are the first Turtles I have seen so far this year.  You are able to see them in the close-up below.

Wonder what weather the month of March will bring us.

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