Spring Wildlife Surprise

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This month I have noticed a Red Fox hanging around the Backyard Wilderness property a lot.  One day when I looked out the front window I saw the Fox close to the house by some props I placed there. (The Fox does not typically come so close to the house.) So I grabbed my camera and photographed the animal through the window.

A few days later I started to walk the dog and noticed the Fox by the barn. I ran inside and got my camera and was able to take a photo as the Fox ran off.

Later that day I saw the Fox on the property again through the front window.

As I watched through the window he approached the props near the house again.

A minute later the Fox ran off toward the woods.

The next day as I left the house I saw the Fox sitting by the shed.

I quickly ran in the house and got my camera. When I came back out I quietly walked toward the shed. From a long distance away I saw that the Fox was still there and there was also another animal next to it. I thought it was a Ground Hog but that made no sense. So I slowly crept closer to the shed and hid behind a large tree trunk.  As I looked at the Fox I thought maybe the other animal was a cat. Next as I looked through the camera lens I realized it was a young Fox; typically referred to as a Kit or Pup.


All of a sudden I saw a second one…

I walked a little closer to get a better look but when the animals noticed me the female Fox ran away and the Kits scurried back into the shed.

About an hour later the female came back.

My thought, as I decided to go back into the house, was what a wonderful surprise to see the Fox family.

Much later that day when I went outside I got even a bigger surprise; I saw an amazing sight. Of course I ran and got my camera in hopes of getting some photos.  I ran back outside and was able to photograph something truly remarkable. The female Fox was still standing on the lawn with four Kits suckling at her nipples. One of the most beautiful natural wildlife sights that I have had the privilege to photograph.

The last photo shows the Foxes walking away.

My favorite season is spring, presenting opportunities to see nature in action. The natural world is wonderful! It truly is the spirit of life.

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