Wildlife Activity in May

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 Spring is wonderful season because it is a time of lots of wildlife activity and the swamp on the Backyard Wilderness property begins to get active with geese, ducks, turtles, etc.

Of course I mentioned this many times in my blogs that I love photographing the Great Blue Heron and recently I had that opportunity.

Spring is also a time of wildlife reproduction, and there are new young animals on the Backyard Wilderness property this season, which I enjoy photographing. Last blog I wrote about the Canada Geese with their three Goslings. They are getting bigger as each day goes by.

As you can see from the photo below the Geese, as are all animals, protective of their young when an intruder comes nearby…

One morning I looked out the window and there was a Goose high up in a tree and no other Geese were nearby.

Two days later there appeared a new Geese family with five Goslings on the property (maybe the Goose in the tree two days earlier was shouting from the tree limb that it was a new daddy).

Even a young fox stopped by for a visit one day in May…

In the past week I have seen two young Ground Hogs near the house.  I was able to make a photograph of one of them.

On several different days a Great Blue Heron hung out in the swamp.










There were also two young Squirrels running around the property.

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