Spring Transitions to Summer

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As spring transitions into summer there is a diverse variety of wildlife on the Backyard Wilderness property which is exciting to photograph and share with others.















































































































Some of the new young wildlife mentioned in my previous blog has been active the month of June and is getting bigger.











Additional new young wildlife is on the property; such as a number of tiny young Chipmunks.











(The next two photos were taken very early in the morning so please excuse the extremely grainy photos.)


Several young Ground Hogs are on the property as well.








A female Deer with her two Fawns have been grazing many mornings during the month of June.







I have also seen some young Rabbits most mornings.











In the swamp I photographed a female Wood Duck with her four Ducklings.

















The last photo shows a young Painted Turtle standing on another Turtles shell.











There is such an abundance of wildlife. It is amazing to see such a mixed variety all on the Backyard Wilderness property.


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