Wildlife Visits at the End of Summer

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As summer ends below are a few photos of some Backyard Wilderness wildlife activity that complete summer.

Mourning Doves

One morning a couple of Turkey Vultures were hanging around the high tension tower near the Backyard Wilderness property, however usually I see Hawks on the tower.

Turkey Vulture


Green Heron

Painted Turtles like to sun themselves on one of the dead trees floating in the swamp (the water is green because it is covered with duck weed). While I was photographing twelve Turtles climbed on the log.

One afternoon I looked out the side window and there was a “Monster” sized Turtle sitting on the floating dead tree. Look carefully and you can see another one swimming at the front of the photo.

Every so often I get a chance to photograph a visit from a Red Fox. The photos below were taken early one afternoon through our front storm door window.

That is it for summer photos of 2017 because fall officially begins tomorrow.

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