Fall Wildlife Activity

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As I looked out the window one day I was surprised to see a young Red Fox near the house. I grabbed my camera and took advantage of the photo opportunity; which you can view below…

Typically there are at least one or two Ground Hogs on the property most days.

While I was photographing the one Ground Hog another one approached from the rear….

then both Ground Hogs were eating breakfast.

There are numerous Chipmunks on the Backyard Wilderness property. They are always fun to photograph as they scurry around.


The Canada Geese hang around at different times of the year.

The birdbath is a popular place for all the wildlife to catch a drink.

In the spring we adopted a dog that my son rescued and named, Maynard. Maynard is 18 months old. We believe the dog is a mixed breed, part Pit Bull and probably part Greyhound because he has long legs and a very long tail. He is somewhat hyper which makes him a wild dog; so he fits right in with all the other wildlife on the Backyard Wilderness property.



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