About Backyard Wilderness

The Backyard Wilderness project, an ongoing photographic project, was created by photographer Jody Weiseman Wood and began in May of 2010. Backyard Wilderness is the photographic story of local wildlife and the natural world at my doorstep (a nature photographer’s paradise).

“My family rents a small farm in the middle of suburban New Jersey; a pocket in the heart of suburbia. The original farm house was built in the 1700s. The farm house is on 3 secluded acres of the 15 acres that still exist (the rest of the land was sold off to developers). It is still a working farm, and the landlord raises 4 organic beef cattle on the property.

There is a swamp and a pond to the side of the farm house with huge turtles, herons, egrets, ducks, etc. On the rest of the property there are foxes, turkeys, ground hogs, squirrels, geese, chip monks, vultures, raccoons, possums, lots of birds, insects, deer, all interacting. Most of this wildlife is all around the suburbs yet much of our environment goes unnoticed.”

In May of 2011, one year after the Backyard Wilderness project began, the website www.backyardwilderness.NET design was complete. It took two months to build this website which consisted of editing one year’s worth of images about 14,000 photographs down to about 400 photographs and then preparing each of the 400 images for display on the website. These tasks took countless hours of effort often averaging five hours of sleep a night.  Now that the website is up on the internet new Backyard Wilderness photographs will continue to be made and added to the website on a regular basis.

Backyard Wilderness is as an ongoing documentary photographic journal so please visit the website  www.backyardwilderness.NET often for weekly updates.


[DISCLAIMER: All of the birds/animals/insects in the images on this website were identified using field guides. If one is incorrectly labeled please drop an email to  jodywood@backyardwilderness.NET so that a correction can be made.]


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