Goldfinch, American

The Goldfinch is a small bird that travels in small flocks and is even the NJ State Bird. The Goldfinch enjoys sunflower seeds and nyjer/thistle seeds. The nyjer seed are tiny black seeds that can be put in a seed sock and hung on a tree branch in your yard. The seed sock has lots of tiny holes in it which makes it easy for the birds to grab on to with their claws and pull out the seeds with their bill. Often it is easy to attract these birds to your yard where you will find that goldfinches tend to congregate on the seed socks.

In winter both the male and the female birds are a dull olive-brown color. In the spring the male birds become a brilliant yellow color and have black wings with white wing bars, and a black cap whereas the females are a yellow-olive color. Photographing this small bird is more challenging because of its fast acrobatic flying motion, yet their bright yellow color makes for a colorful photo.

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