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January Wildlife and Extreme Weather

(click on any image to enlarge it) In the month of January we had some extremely cold weather where for a few days the wind chill made it feel like single digit temperature. Below are some photos taken during some cold, snowy days in January . Then one beautiful day came the month of January […]

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April Wildlife Activity

(click on any image to enlarge it) My favorite season for photography is spring because there is so much wildlife activity. During the month of April a variety of wildlife visited the Backyard Wilderness property.  Some of the different types of wildlife can be seen in the following photos:             […]

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March Wildlife

(click on any image to enlarge it) The month of March had some wild winter weather. There were a number of warm days and a variety of wildlife enjoyed the not so frigid winter weather such as the Ground Hog drinking from the birdbath.   And a Hawk that circled around the Backyard Wilderness property […]

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Winter at Backyard Wilderness

(click on any image to enlarge it)  The month of January was a pretty mild month as winters go. Backyard Wilderness did get a little snow this month as you can see in some of the photos that follow:   One milder day in January while I was looking out the window I surprisingly saw […]

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Backyard Wilderness Year End

 (click on any image to enlarge it)  It has been awhile since I found time to do wildlife photography (which I love).  As 2016 ends I decided to take time for myself and do some photography. Even though it is winter and I am not fond of cold weather I was lucky because there were […]

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