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March Wildlife

(click on any image to enlarge it) The month of March had some wild winter weather. There were a number of warm days and a variety of wildlife enjoyed the not so frigid winter weather such as the Ground Hog drinking from the birdbath.   And a Hawk that circled around the Backyard Wilderness property […]

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Summer Swamp Days

(click on any image to enlarge it) There has not been as much wildlife activity on the Backyard Wilderness property this summer as in past summers. Below are some photos I was fortunate enough to make while in the swamp blind on several different days. The first is a photo of several Painted Turtles sunning […]

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Spring Has Arrived!

(click on any image to enlarge it) One of my favorite seasons is spring. It is a time of warmer weather, growth, rebirth, and lots of photo opportunities to document wildlife activity on the Backyard Wilderness property. Early signs of spring are buds on the trees and green grass. In the photo below of the […]

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Red-tailed Hawks

(click on any image to enlarge it) Last month, while sitting in the swamp blind, I made the following photo of two Red-tailed Hawks sitting on a high tension wire tower off in the distance.  Even with my longest lens I had to enlarge the image in order to identify the Hawks and produce a […]

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Hawk Visit

(click any image to enlarge it) As winter comes to a close I wanted to present photos from one final winter snowy day before the season changes. What made this day so special was a visit from a Coopers Hawk. In the afternoon I went out on the porch and noticed a Hawk sitting on […]

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