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February Wild Weather

(click on any image to enlarge it) February is supposed to be one of the snowiest months in New Jersey; however it might end up being one of the mildest Februarys on record in the Garden State, according to New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson, who teaches at Rutgers University. The month of February […]

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Eastern Bluebirds Move In (Part Three of Three Part Series)

(click any image to enlarge it) The prior two Backyard Wilderness blogs have been about an Eastern Bluebird couple on the property building their nest in a birdhouse  and frequenting the birdfeeder next to it.  Every morning for a couple of weeks I photographed the Bluebird couple as they prepared their residence. In a field […]

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Birds in Winter

(click on any image to enlarge it) As winter nears closer to the end I wanted to share a gallery of my Bird photos taken on the Backyard Wilderness property during a few snowy days. There is always great excitement when I get a rare chance to photograph a hawk. One snowy morning as I […]

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How Do Birds Drink?

Aside from shelter the most important items that animals need to survive are food and water, which is plentiful on the Backyard Wilderness property. Birds have more of a challenge drinking water than other animals because most birds do not have lips and tongues.  Once a bird lands where there is water it will lower […]

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Holiday Greettings

Backyard Wilderness would like to wish everyone who celebrates either Hanukkah or Christmas a happy holiday and may the coming new year bring you lots of good health and happiness. Below are several photos for your viewing pleasure from some of the fifty different species of birds, and some of a couple of the many […]

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