Wildlife Visits at the End of Summer

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As summer ends below are a few photos of some Backyard Wilderness wildlife activity that complete summer.

Mourning Doves

One morning a couple of Turkey Vultures were hanging around the high tension tower near the Backyard Wilderness property, however usually I see Hawks on the tower.

Turkey Vulture


Green Heron

Painted Turtles like to sun themselves on one of the dead trees floating in the swamp (the water is green because it is covered with duck weed). While I was photographing twelve Turtles climbed on the log.

One afternoon I looked out the side window and there was a “Monster” sized Turtle sitting on the floating dead tree. Look carefully and you can see another one swimming at the front of the photo.

Every so often I get a chance to photograph a visit from a Red Fox. The photos below were taken early one afternoon through our front storm door window.

That is it for summer photos of 2017 because fall officially begins tomorrow.

Wildlife Backyard Wilderness Summer Activity

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Below are some photos of wildlife that visited the Backyard Wilderness property this summer.

Northern Flickers

Eastern Kingbird



Downy Woodpecker


Downy Woodpecker










Wood Duck & Turtl







Wood Duck


Wood Ducks








Some of my favorite birds to photograph are Herons.


Green Heron


Green Heron


Green Heron







Great Blue Heron fishing

Great Blue Heron with fish


“Yum, breakfast”

Spring Transitions to Summer

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As spring transitions into summer there is a diverse variety of wildlife on the Backyard Wilderness property which is exciting to photograph and share with others.















































































































Some of the new young wildlife mentioned in my previous blog has been active the month of June and is getting bigger.











Additional new young wildlife is on the property; such as a number of tiny young Chipmunks.











(The next two photos were taken very early in the morning so please excuse the extremely grainy photos.)


Several young Ground Hogs are on the property as well.








A female Deer with her two Fawns have been grazing many mornings during the month of June.







I have also seen some young Rabbits most mornings.











In the swamp I photographed a female Wood Duck with her four Ducklings.

















The last photo shows a young Painted Turtle standing on another Turtles shell.











There is such an abundance of wildlife. It is amazing to see such a mixed variety all on the Backyard Wilderness property.


Wildlife Activity in May

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 Spring is wonderful season because it is a time of lots of wildlife activity and the swamp on the Backyard Wilderness property begins to get active with geese, ducks, turtles, etc.

Of course I mentioned this many times in my blogs that I love photographing the Great Blue Heron and recently I had that opportunity.

Spring is also a time of wildlife reproduction, and there are new young animals on the Backyard Wilderness property this season, which I enjoy photographing. Last blog I wrote about the Canada Geese with their three Goslings. They are getting bigger as each day goes by.

As you can see from the photo below the Geese, as are all animals, protective of their young when an intruder comes nearby…

One morning I looked out the window and there was a Goose high up in a tree and no other Geese were nearby.

Two days later there appeared a new Geese family with five Goslings on the property (maybe the Goose in the tree two days earlier was shouting from the tree limb that it was a new daddy).

Even a young fox stopped by for a visit one day in May…

In the past week I have seen two young Ground Hogs near the house.  I was able to make a photograph of one of them.

On several different days a Great Blue Heron hung out in the swamp.










There were also two young Squirrels running around the property.

April Wildlife Activity

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My favorite season for photography is spring because there is so much wildlife activity. During the month of April a variety of wildlife visited the Backyard Wilderness property.  Some of the different types of wildlife can be seen in the following photos:

Ground Hog

Gray Squirrel


Red Fox

Tufted Titmouse


Blue Jay

Male Cardinal



Tree Swallow







Great Blue Heron

Male & Female Eastern Bluebirds









I especially enjoy the new life that happens during the spring season:

Female Canada Goose on nest

Male & Female Canada Goose with Goslings

Red Fox with Kits

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